To be old and retired...what to do. Maybe I'll write a book someday, that's always a possibility. Maybe I'm discover a hobby that becomes an old guy "side hustle." One Illinois man used all of his elderly free time, sticking sewing needles in packaged meat at a grocery store. SG

Massive Ground Beef Recall After Outbreak; One Dead, 17 Sick

Ronald Avers, 68 was stopped by authorities at a local store in Belleville, Illinois. He rides one of those motorized scooters and has an oxygen tank, this dude has to be harmless...right?

Scorchy Cafe Italiano VIA Facebook
Scorchy Cafe Italiano VIA Facebook

The 68 year old man admitted to the FBI that he in fact on SEVEN DIFFERENT OCCASSIONS, stuck sewing needles into packaged meat at local grocery stores:

“just for the hell of it, it was stupidity, I didn’t want to hurt nobody.” - Avers

ground beef on cutting board

The Shop ‘n Save employee North Belt West Road in Belleville, Illinois was his needle sticking store of choice. One customer reported that she did in fact get a sewing needle in her mouth while eating the metal filled meat.

Roasted meat with tomatoes and mushrooms on a white plate

Remember the oxygen tank on his scooter? That was where he would keep the sewing needles, hidden away and at an arms length so he could quickly "metal-up" the meat. What was his cut of choice? Good question, let's have Avers answer that:

 “A couple of times I did it with a roast, maybe a pork chop every now and then, every now and then I would stick one in a hamburger." - Avers

Wouldn't you notice in the hamburger, as you got it out of the package?

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