No, I am not joking. There is an Ebola plush toy. I think I may just be speechless.

There is a website called Giant Microbes that sells all kinds of plush diseases. (Seriously, I can't make this stuff up.) Ever wanted mad cow disease? Herpes? Flu? You can even buy a cancer cell in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month. Thanks to Giant Microbes you can have a blast collecting all your favorite diseases! You can even spread them to your friends!

Ok, in all seriousness these plush microbes are meant to teach kids about germs via "microbes with personality." That idea is commendable. It makes sense for hospitals and classrooms to have one of these plush microbes. I just can't see me buying one for a child's birthday party to teach them all about chicken pox. (Yes, that microbe is available too.)

So...why is this Ebola microbe a complete sell out worldwide?

Because it is a "uniquely contagious gag gift." I'll give them that. It made me giggle. I can't help but think it would be hilarious to "give" Steve Summers Ebola.

Yeah, on second thought, I think I'll keep my $9.95 plus shipping. People are dying, and that is not funny.

What do you think of this Ebola plush toy? Do you see any benefits to it being available?