Can we go one week without having to search the fridge for something else that has been recalled? Is that too much to ask? I guess it is, because we've officially got another vegetable to hunt for and throw out tonight. The most recent victim - cauliflower and red and green lettuce.

The produce comes from the same farm where the romaine lettuce that was recalled came from. According to Insider -

Adams Bros. Farming of Santa Maria, California, issued a press release informing its customers that it is recalling cauliflower and red and green leaf lettuce grown between November 27 and 30. The cauliflower, which had the wider reach, was sent to wholesalers in 10 states across the US as well as in Canada and Mexico.

While none of these food items have tested positive for E.coli contamination and no illnesses have been reported so far, the farm said that the recall was being issued "out of an abundance of caution." With cauliflower being one of 2018's most popular foods, its good to be cautious.

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