Midwest weather can be unpredictable and get brutally cold during the fall and winter months, but that shouldn't stop you and the family from enjoying some beautiful Christmas light displays over the holidays.

There are several drive-through holiday light shows around the Stateline area, but we've found two that have an incredible amount of lights that will immerse you, and all those in your vehicle, into another world of twinkle.

The Shine Light Show has two locations in Illinois, but the displays are different at each location with unique features and experiences.

Shine Light Show Schaumburg

Located at Wintrust Field, 1999 S. Springinsguth Road, and is open nightly from 6 to 10 pm.

Over a million lights will overwhelm your senses as they dance to synchronized Christmas music that you can tune into from your car radio. Plus, tickets on the Jolly Trolley are available if you want someone else to guide you through the light show.

And don't be surprised if you get a visit from the Grinch along the Shine Light Show journey.

Shine Light Show Northbrook

Located in Northbrook Court at 1515 Lake Cook Road, this display is running 6 to 10 pm through January 1 and allows you to immerse yourself into a world of over a million Christmas lights and holiday music.

Admission tickets for either location of the Shine Light Show are $32.99 for weekdays and $42.99 on weekends. A fast pass is available for an additional $20 per car.

Kids can get a free glowstick at the Shine Light Show if they complete a fun activity page that is available by clicking HERE.

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