Look what I found at Target last night!

Susan Tyler

This is so tasty and refreshing and you know, I'll have no problem drinking more water with this in my glass.

They also have an appletini and margarita flavor but I choose to stick with the lime and mint flavor of a mojito. Those flavors I know that I like.

Staying hydrated is always a must, especially in the hot summer months. But do you ever wonder how much water you should be drinking?

I know I do, I'm never really sure if I'm drinking enough.

Well Slender Kitchen has a way to calculate how much water we should be drinking per day.  You take your weight and multiple it by 2/3rds. Now if fractions and math aren't your thing. They certainly aren't mine, there's a cheat sheet at the bottom to help you out.

Drinking more water won't be so bad or bland now that I have Mojito flavored Crystal light packets.