Drew Baldridge stands up to unsolicited love in "Rebound," but it's his collaborator that adds the darkness the song relies on. It's one thing to sing about fighting off temptation, but quite another to hear temptation whispering in our ear.

Emily Weisband is a temptress in this big ballad from Baldridge's Dirt On Us album. "Rebound" finds the country male telling a girl (likely an ex-lover) that he's not here for it as she looks for comfort in the wake of another heartbreak. More often than not the guy gives in during this type of song. "Rebound" is unique in that the singer maintains the high road until the very end — the song breaks with country archetypes.

Sonically this melody sinks deep with only a few listens. The chorus is an earworm, and lyrically Baldridge is singing about something everyone has experienced from one side of the room or the other. Perhaps you didn't stand up to temptation quite like he does, but there's always next time.

Did You Know?: Emily Weisband has written songs for Keith Urban, Lauren Alaina and more.

Listen to Drew Baldridge (Feat. Emily Weisband), "Rebound" 

Listen to Drew Baldridge (Feat. Emily Weisband), "Rebound" Lyrics:

Oh how convenient / You think I'm here for you / Got a history of lenience / Of letting you do what you do / My friend done called and said you'd be calling / Soon as I hung up my phone was ringing / With your number that I deleted / A mistake I ain't repeating.

Now that he's gone / You wanna get in my car / Wanna steal my sheets / Go a little too far / You're wrong if you think you can dip down like ya did, say you're over him / Kissing ya kissing ya / So you want me kissing ya hugging ya loving ya / Well baby I ain't tripping over all the words that you're throwing out / I ain't your rebound.

Don't you think we could / It feels so good / Baby we should.

You're playing it cool / With the sweet talk on your lips / But I ain't a fool, nah / Ya I know what this is.

I hope that you move on but I ain't your ride / Ain't your bounce back, go back, to keep him off your mind.

Baby don't you miss / The taste of my kiss / I know you want this / I ain't your rebound / Just give me one night / Let me show you why / It's different this time / I ain’t your rebound.

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