Like Keith's shirt pictured here guys? Ladies? Good news. We can now all dress like Keith Urban!

Kevin Winter, Getty Images

As you heard on Q98.5, Keith Urban now has to have all of the t-shirts he plans to wear on "American Idol" approved first, so.. he decided to design his own line called "By Keith Urban". Awesome. Men everywhere (and ladies too) can now dress like Keith. More awesome.

What's even more awesome? Not only are the designs hand picked by Keith, but they are manufactured to reinvest in the communities making them. The man is super talented, good looking, romantic, and he has a charitable heart. See why I love him so?

Here is my one rule when it comes to Keith...I will not wear any shirt with his face on it. Yes, he is pretty to look at, but I just can't do it. So, this new line is perfect for me, because most of the designs come in ladies styles too. See the complete line here.

Personally, I like the hotel key one. It allows me to tell everyone that I have Keith Urban's room key. I know, shame on me.