Drake White celebrated Free Slurpee Day with a line full of kindergarteners at 7-Eleven, creating his own song to entertain the group. The "Livin' the Dream" singer’s improv seemed to keep them smiling, although surely the free Slurpees didn’t hurt.

In the clip, White explains that he’s at 7-Eleven in Los Angeles, about to do a freestyle for the kids lined up outside. Flash forward to the bearded singer strumming his guitar and singing, with his pint-sized fans calling the words back to him on demand.

“I got a big smile on my face / My man’s got his glasses on, it’s a good place / We got national Slurpee Day, yes indeed,” he sings. Okay, so it’s not a CMA Song of the Year contender, but this audience loved it.

“Can you say Slurpee / Can you say Slurpee / Tastes so (good!)”

At the end, one adorable little girl asks White if he’s a real cowboy. Free Slurpee Day was on Monday (July 11). It was also the 50th anniversary of the Slurpee, which meant the treat's birthday was even more festive.

White announced that his 12 song debut album Spark will be released on August 19. It will not include this song, but will feature "Livin' the Dream," "It Feels Good" and "Back to Free." Look for him on tour with the Zac Brown Band this summer and fall.

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