With the comeback of downtown Rockford in the last few years, business is booming. With shops, restaurants, antiques and lots of trendy charm, and with a hip and busy scene, millennials are moving downtown at a very fast pace according to MyStateline.com. Usually at least once a weekend, weather permitting we get in the car and head downtown to go check out the river, grab a bite or just explore.

There is one issue though, supply and demand. Right now the demand is high for apartments, flats and condos in the downtown area. Caleb Wilson, Vice President of Urban Equity properties, Said " We've seen a lot of younger millennial type people moving into downtown and into this building, we've also seen some empty nesters but the majority seems to be millennials".

Right now there is a demand problem in the downtown area. More apartments are being built, but they say as of now there just isn't enough properties to meet demand. People just seem to enjoy that part of town. There's things to see and do all in a very contained area. When we moved here we actually looked for something in the downtown area but we came up empty handed.

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