Nasty hackers and crooks are up to no good again, (surprising, right?), and this time they are preying on innocent television binge watchers.


If you are a Netflix customer who receives an email that looks like this, DO NOT CLICK the link!!!!!

After doing some Googling about this Netflix scam, I discovered that the phishing emails can be worded a couple different ways. All the emails people have received state that there is "a problem with their billing information", but the difference comes in how to resolve the "problem". Some emails asks for the user to email their updated information, while others contain a link where they can update it. Either way, DON'T DO IT!

According to a WGN article, Netflix says;

the company will never ask for personal or payment information of any type to be sent over email. The company does send out emails regarding users’ accounts, however, and advises customers to check any links before visiting them.

If you are truly concerned that there is a problem with your Netflix account, go to their website directly and log in to your account.

Better safe than sorry.


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