The Durand High School FFA recently challenged the Pecatonica High School FFA to a game of Donkey Basketball. Pecatonica has accepted the challenge, AND soon we can all go watch the ridiculousness.

Weird Small-Town Traditions

I may be a country girl at heart, but I have never lived in a small town until the last year. After moving to Pecatonica in 2022 I quickly fell in love with small-town living, but I also realized it comes with some fascinating quirks. A few examples?

  1. You can never run to the grocery store looking like garbage because you will see several people you know while you're there.
  2. Even if you are new to town, everyone will soon know you're business
  3. .Small towns have some unique traditions like playing donkey basketball. Yes, I said donkey basketball.

What is Donkey Basketball?

Please forgive my ignorance, but the high school I went to didn't have an FFA chapter (at least I don't think it did), so this whole Future Farmers of America thing is new to me, but I do know it's a cool thing for students from farming families to be a part of. So when my mother-in-law said to me last week; "did you see the Durand FFA challenged Pec's FFA to a donkey basketball game?" I was like, "woah...wait a sec...what the heck is that?!?"

Turns out donkey basketball is exactly what it sounds like; people riding donkeys and attempting to play basketball...

I don't know about you, but that hilariousness is definitely something I need to see in person.

Durand Vs. Pecatonica Donkey Basketball Game

Donkey basketball will make its return to Durand High School on Thursday, February 23, 2023, at 7 p.m. The game WILL take place INSIDE the school, on the basketball court, (yes, they put a protective cover on the court before the game), and you can buy tickets at the door for $13.

I cannot wait to witness my very first donkey basketball game next week, and I hope to see you all there too because it will be a super fun way to support local FFA chapters!

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