The photo says it all. Someone left a dog tied to the door at Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary yesterday.

According to the Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary Facebook page:

We are sorry we cannot help every animal.
We are sorry we have a waiting list for an animal to aboard the ark.
Our goal, one day is to have a building large enough to help them all...
These photos are important to share. Their stories are even more valuable. We need to make you guys aware that this happens in our community.

This beautiful girl was tied to the door when we got to work today..
We made room. Welcome aboard the ark sweet girl."


According to a report from WREX, the dog the staff at Noah's Ark is referring to as "Lindy" was left overnight tied to the front door of the popular animal shelter.

Noah's Ark manager, Dena Gates tells WREX, "Every shelter around here is full," said Gates. "Everybody is overwhelmed right now. It's overwhelming. Everybody's full."

The shelters in Rockford are overcrowded, if you or your family feels that they can make the commitment to a cat or a dog (like Lindy) that needs a caring home, adopt today!

If you want to adopt, call Noah's Ark at 815-962-2767. There is a 7-day waiting period to adopt Lindy if interested.