UPDATE: We have word that this is part of an advertisement for a local jewelry company and per our inside source, the second billboard will be going up some time in May.


If you're driving east on East Riverside near North Alpine you might have noticed this billboard; you can't miss it, it's right after the Burger King on your left hand side.  Have you seen it?

A photo of it was originally posted on 815 Stateline Scanner and the admin of the page may have figured it out, but I'm curious as to what your opinion is.

Before I did some Google searches I jokingly thought to myself, "this would make more sense if Hillary Clinton was elected president;" but she wasn't and she hasn't made the news lately, so that's out.

Google points to two directions- a scorned lover trying to make a point, or, as the admin of 815 Stateline Scanner pointed out, it could be part of an advertisement for diamonds. There should be another billboard that says, "She says she wants a vacuum for Christmas. She's lying."

However, Christmas is long over so that can't be it. Mother's Day? **scratches head**

What do you think it is? Too soon to tell? Is someone trying to send a message to an ex? What is it?

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