It's hard to believe but 28 years ago on this day we, Americans, watched in disbelief as the Space Shuttle Challenger burst into flames 73 seconds after lift off.

Do you remember where you were or what you were doing? I was in 6th grade sitting in Mr. Wagner's class as my fellow students gathered around the TV to watch this momentous event. A teacher, Christa McAuliff, was to be the first civilian to travel into space. I remember hearing the shuttle pop then burst into flames and our teacher quickly turning off the TV. I remembered praying that they, the astronauts, we able to get out and somehow survive. [Which was sadly not the case. There were no survivors. After throughout inspection and investigation it was found to be a faulty O-Ring that created this devastating tragedy.]

This was the second time in my childhood (the first being when President Reagan was shot) I clearly thought "What is happening? ...This isn't suppose to. We are Americans."

All through our lives we will have events that shake us to the core. It's a great reminder to teach us that life truly is short and we know not what tomorrow may bring. We need to live life to the fullest, and tell those around us how much we love them.