Before we even get started, yes, it's pop, not soda.

Just last week I was explaining to someone that my family let me drink Diet Coke as a little kid.

Was it because I was the youngest of four and my mom was just like, I don't even have the will to change this habit?

Was it because my sister woke up every morning and drank a Diet Coke before she even had breakfast?

Was it because I needed a little jolt every now and then? Probably not the last one, I was pretty energetic as a kid.... but whatever the reason I was a Diet Coke addict before the age of ten.

I've since limited my Diet Coke drinks to a few per year, but I might be cool with someone entering me to win this awesome Diet Coke contest!

The only problem, I'm not anyone's boss. But hey, maybe they'll make an exception.

You have until November 16 to get those noms in - good luck! And if you win, maybe send me a can or two.

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