Dierks Bentley visited the set of the Today show on Thursday morning (Aug. 1), and he left with a new family member. The "Living" singer adopted an adorable new puppy during an on-camera segment called Dogust.

Bentley was originally on hand to perform as part of the Today Citi Concert Series, and he also joined the Today hosts for an interview about his upcoming Seven Peaks Music Festival, his family and more. He was assigned an adorable Border Collie mix pup named Goose to hold during the Dogust segment, which is geared toward encouraging people to adopt shelter dogs during the month of August, the default month of birth for all shelter dogs whose birthdate is unknown. It was love at first sight for the country star, who ended up adopting the cuddly pooch right on the spot.

“I feel a connection, I feel like it’s meant to be,” a smiling Bentley said.

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Bentley's wife, Cassidy, and their three kids were watching the segment at home, and Bentley received an urgent text from them during the show, begging him to take Goose into their family. He was hesitant, since the family already have two other dogs, Patch and Emmy. Bentley and his family adopted Patch Adams from the Nashville Humane Society in March of 2017, a little less than a year after the death of his beloved dog Jake, who graced many of Bentley's videos and even accompanied him on red carpets and talk show appearances. Bentley released a song titled "Can't Be Replaced" about Jake.

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Another longtime companion, a dachshund named George, died in January of 2019 at the age of 14. Bentley told the Today show hosts that Cassidy had requested a third dog for her birthday, but he had waffled, saying that was too many. When he saw how both he and his family reacted to Goose, he changed his mind.

“I got pictures of the kids jumping up and down going crazy,” he said. “We’re playing Jones Beach tomorrow. They’re coming to Jones Beach just to see the dog.”

Bentley's Jones Beach gig is part of his ongoing 2019 Burning Man Tour, which keeps him on the road through the early part of September.

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