Dierks Bentley debuted a brand new song called "Freedom" for fans at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum last Saturday (March 12). His performance followed a discussion with museum editor Peter Cooper, during which Bentley explained his move to Nashville and talked of his journey into country music.

Following the discussion, Bentley performed a song off each of his previously released albums, as well as "Freedom," which will likely be on his forthcoming album Black.

Bentley sang the nearly four-minute song acoustically with two guitarists beside him. While the song itself was stripped down, it is easy to envision "Freedom" being played in a live arena setting with vivid imagery and Bentley's soaring vocals.

We all wanna break the chains / Feel the wind against our face / Everybody wants the same thing / We wanna taste that freedom / Everybody ’round here wants to taste that freedom,” he sings on the chorus.

Guests who attended the discussion and performance were able to trade in their ticket to view Bentley's exhibit at the Country Music Hall of Fame, titled Dierks Bentley: Every Mile a Memory. The exhibit is open through Sept. 6 and includes memorabilia throughout Bentley's career, including his guitars, handwritten lyrics, outfits he has worn to awards shows and much more.

“I understand I’m not in the Hall of Fame, but I am in the Hall of Fame,” he joked at the exhibit's unveiling. “It’s hard to process … I didn’t use country music as a vehicle to become a star. I’m a star, I guess, because of my passion for country music, and I’ve never thought about these things. I never pictured myself having a display at the Country Music Hall of Fame. I didn’t save stuff, thinking, ‘This needs to be saved for this and that.’ There’s so much I lost over the years. It’s really taken being here now to actually really grasp this whole thing. It’s hard to comprehend. It’s the Country Music Hall of Fame … even to be part of this in any small way is amazing.”

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