A woman (via Facebook) claims a man may have purposely struck a Canadian Goose on E. State Street with his truck. In her post, she explained the scenario.

Both the two cars in front of him and I (behind him) saw the pair of geese and moved over, but this POS thought it would be fun to destroy it with his Dodge Ram Truck leaving the goose without a head and it's mate without his/her companion.

She said she was horrified by what she saw and included a photo of the truck (posted below), the driver, and included a license plate number. And, accident or otherwise, it's important to remember the Illinois law protecting Canadian Geese and other migrating birds. According to University of Illinois,

Canada geese, like all waterfowl, are protected by the federal Migratory Bird TreatyAct and Illinois Wildlife Code. It is illegal to kill or remove geese or destroy nests or eggs without a permit from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.

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