Its a story that would make anyone ask why would you do this to an innocent animal?

The News-Gazette is reporting that a 24-year old DeKalb man was sentenced to six months in prison for animal torture.

His girlfriend’s cat, later died from the injuries sustained when Nathan Sitter, formerly of Savoy, Illinois, repeatedly dunked the cat, named Mocha ,under water and punched it.

Nathan Sitter / Champaign County sheriff's office photo

Sitter said he did it because he was depressed. According to the News-Gazette Sitter said:

Since the beginning of this, I have been very, very remorseful. I'm ashamed of my actions. I'm ashamed of the pain I caused. I was not well.

The judge sentenced him to to six months in the county jail and 30 months of probation after pleading guilty to one count of animal torture. Prosecutors were seeking a four year prison term.

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