A legendary DeKalb bar that was suddenly shut down by the City of DeKalb, has suddenly opened back up for business.

It's probably good that the Blackhawks are not in the playoffs this year, otherwise there might have been riots on the streets of DeKalb. Lord Stanley's Bar, one of the most popular places in the Stateline to watch the Blackhawks, was not open for business this past Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

On Friday, residents of the Barb City were shocked by the sudden closure of Lord Stanley's Bar and it's sister business World Famous Pizza. Patrons at the bar on Friday afternoon were ordered by city officials to leave the premises after the City if DeKalb condemned the building which is located in the 100 block of East Lincoln Highway  on Rt. 38.

Red notices were posted at the public entrances of the building informing visitors that the building was condemned. At the time, little other information was available since the notices appeared on the entry doors to Lord Stanley's. The reason for the closure?

According to a report in the Daily Chronicle

Mold found in the basement where food and beverages were stored. That problem was cleared up Monday, and pavers installed where the wood floor had deteriorated giving way to dirt below.


However, two other portions of the Lord Stanley's building remained closed and are under condemnation orders. Lord Stanley’s Annex and the Common Grounds coffee shop are located in the portion of the building that is still closed for business.

In an announcement posted on Facebook, Lord Stanley's, which is home to the famous $20.00 large pizza and pitcher of beer special that DeKalb residents have loved for years, announced:

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