Hey Ya'll!  I'm back!!!

So much has changed in the last few months, and it's amazing to me how one little person can turn your life,  (and your heart) upside down!  Ella is a smiley, happy baby who has recently began sleeping through the night, making her parents very smiley and  happy as well!  :)

Ever since Ella was born all we ever hear is how much she looks like her Daddy, but when I look at our baby pictures, I think she looks me! We were born with the same red hair and everything! It is a big joke in our house that the first thing I said after Ella was born was "She looks like him."  How dare she look like him after I carried her for 9 plus months and went through over 48 hours of labor?!?  :)

So...I need ya'll to help settle the debate....Here is Dad's, Mom's, and Ella's newborn pics.

Who do you think she looks like?