With the cold weather in the Stateline, it's warming to think about the prospects in baseball during the off season. Just talking Cubs baseball make one feel warmer. With Wrigley Field under construction, the Chicago Cubs are also under construction as they make a pitch to acquire pitcher Jon Lester.


According to The Chicago Tribune, the sought after free-agent and ace left-hander met team officials Tuesday. Despite Lester's familiarity with Cubs baseball executives dating back to their days with him in Boston, the Cubs may need to pull out as many stops as possible to land Lester.

In addition to the Red Sox — where Lester excelled for most of 81/2 seasons — the retooled Braves have surfaced as a contender for his services, according to several reports.

Lester, 30, resides in the Atlanta area and the chance to live at home year-round could be the clincher.

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Lester has spent his entire nine-year career in the American League, and the chance to pitch in the National League would provide a different perspective.

The Cubs were expected to pitch their future to Lester with a video highlighting their highly ranked prospects as well as images of a fully-renovated Wrigley Field in 2019.
Plus with their new manager, Joe Madden, the Cubs are headed in the right direction with or without Lester.
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It is also becoming clear that the St. Louis Cardinals are also interested in Lester. As a Cub fan, I would hope for any other team in the word other than the Cardinals.