Lately, our men and women in blue have gotten a bad rap. It infuriates me.

These individuals risk their lives everyday to protect and keep the peace. They also have a heart for those they serve, that's us.

Look what Officer William Stacy did. He bought groceries for a hungry mother who was caught shoplifting eggs to feed her starving family.

I know I bet you are thinking "What?" Isn't he supposed to arrest her.

Technically yes, but he saw the real need in this mother. She didn't have enough money to buy a carton of eggs to feed her family.

Not only did Officer Stacy purchase the carton of eggs with the mother's, Helen Johnson, promise to never steal again, over over two truck loads of food were delivered to this mother and her hungry family. This was all because of this cops generous heart.

Wow! Doesn't that make you feel warm and fuzzy! It does me.

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