This dude...didn't think ANYTHING through. This was kinda like a "I'm just gonna go for it, I'm invincible!" Things didn't go as planned, and Lamont Walker has earned the "Dumbest Wisconsin Criminal Ever" Award, from me.

This Milwaukee, Wisconsin criminal can't catch a break...Don't you just feel terrible for him?

Lamont Walker tried robbing a Milwaukee Walgreens location, the key word is "tried." No one was at the cash register, dude freaked when an employee saw him, so he took off running. Is there such thing as being a robber and getting cold feet? I guess so.

So Lamont runs out of the Walgreens, and hightails it down the sidewalk. To hide the evidence so he doesn't get busted, he attempts to toss his gun as he ran down the sidewalk. The only thing that ruined this, he threw it RIGHT AT THE SECURITY CAMERA.


Photo Credit - The Smoking Gun
Photo Credit - The Smoking Gun

Now it was a decent toss, to Lamont's credit. The 9mm with 13 rounds of .380 caliber ammunition was launched onto the roof of the nearby "Pete’s Fruit Market." No one will look for the robbers gun on the roof! But there was that whole security camera thing...

Cops were called after the failed Walgreens robbery and they found Lamont not too far away in an alley. The dude had a pretty impressive rap sheet of previous crimes, including:

  • robbery
  • theft
  • taking a vehicle without consent

Lamont also took 3rd in state at the Wisconsin Criminal Discus Toss. The guy has an arm, but man that aim...not so good.

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