Just plain creepy! This mall, not too far from Rockford, used to have thousands of people roaming it's indoor sidewalks, and shopping for bargains. Back in early December, it closed it's doors for good and now looks like a shopping wasteland.

Once a shining business venture, now shuttered for good, the Charlestowne Mall in St Charles announced that Friday December 1st, would be it's last day in business as it shut its doors before the height of the Christmas shopping season.

The place used to be brimming with shoppers, now, just about every store in the mall has moved out. The three remaining anchor stores — Von Maur, Carson's, and Classic Cinemas — will remain. Visitors will have to enter through outdoor entrances.

A good friend of mine, Stacey Deegan, who lives in DeKalb, ventured 30 minutes east to St Charles, to make one last visit to the mall on closing day. She captured some images that bring back some fond memories, while at the same time, just creep me out.

You will note in the photo gallery below, is a 'mall sanctioned photo' that remains on display that says "Epic Fail", an advertisement from an organization that was promoting saving the Earth's freshwater. The irony is that it eventually served a dual purpose.


Krausz Companies, who owns the mall, said new plans for the property will be announced sometime in early 2018.

In the meantime, let's take one last ride up the elevator at the Charlestown mall. Not a soul in sight.

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