Christmas is a time for love and family but sometimes heinous acts happen as well. This is another story that makes me sick to my stomach. In Chicago a man named Robert Wallace age 25, has been charged with killing his mother on Christmas Eve and disposing of her body in a trash can. I don't understand how someone could do that to anyone much less their own mother.

Chicago Police Department

According to the Chicago Tribune, The mother Betty Wallace age 67, was found by sanitation workers on their route on Monday at the 10800 Block of South Prospect Avenue in Morgan park. The police stated that the victim had stab wounds all over her legs and sustained blunt force trauma to her face. Her son Robert Wallace was taken into custody soon after the body was found. He has been charged with murder and is due in court today. Such a horrible story but at least they've found him. Hopefully he gets what's coming to him soon. I will say that it makes me sick that this man shares my last name.