The 2016 Playoffs have not even begun yet and the Cubs are already looking ahead to next year. The Chicago Cubs have announced the schedule for the 2017 season.

The Cubs will open up the 2017 season by taking on their arch rival, St Louis, April 3-6, 2017.

Here is the full 2017 schedule

Apr. 3-6: in St. Louis

Apr. 7-9: in Milwaukee

Apr. 10-13:  Los Angeles Dodgers (AT WRIGLEY)

Apr. 14-16:  Pittsburgh (AT WRIGLEY)

Apr. 17-19: Milwaukee (AT WRIGLEY)

Apr. 21-23: in Cincinnati

Apr. 24-26: in Pittsburgh

Apr. 28-30: in Boston

May 1-4:  Philadelphia (AT WRIGLEY)

May 5-7:  New York Yankees (AT WRIGLEY)

May 8-10: in Colorado

May 12-14: in St. Louis

May 16-18: Cincinnati (AT WRIGLEY)

May 19-21: Milwaukee (AT WRIGLEY)

May 22-25:  San Francisco (AT WRIGLEY)

May 26-28: in Los Angeles vs the Dodgers

May 29-31: in San Diego

June 2-4:  St. Louis (AT WRIGLEY)

June 5-7: Miami (AT WRIGLEY)

June 8-11: Colorado (AT WRIGLEY)

June 12-14: in New York vs the Mets

June 16-18: in Pittsburgh

June 19-21: San Diego (AT WRIGLEY)

June 22-25: in Miami

June 26-29: in Washington

June 30-July 2: in Cincinnati

July 4-5: Tampa Bay (AT WRIGLEY)

July 7-9: Pittsburgh (AT WRIGLEY)

July 14-16: in Baltimore

July 17-19: in Atlanta

July 21-23: St. Louis (AT WRIGLEY)

July 24-25: Chicago White Sox  (AT WRIGLEY)

July 26-27: at Chicago White Sox

July 28-30: in Milwaukee

Aug. 1-3: Arizona (AT WRIGLEY)

Aug. 4-6: Washington (AT WRIGLEY)

Aug. 7-9: in San Francisco

Aug. 11-13: in Arizona

Aug. 14-17: Cincinnati (AT WRIGLEY)

Aug. 18-20: Toronto (AT WRIGLEY)

Aug. 22-24: in Cincinnati

Aug. 25-27: in Philadelphia

Aug. 28-30: Pittsburgh (AT WRIGLEY)

Aug. 31-Sept. 3: Atlanta (AT WRIGLEY)

Sept. 4-7: in Pittsburgh

Sept. 8-10: Milwaukee (AT WRIGLEY)

Sept. 12-14: New York Mets  (AT WRIGLEY)

Sept. 15-17: St. Louis (AT WRIGLEY)

Sept. 19-20: in Tampa Bay

Sept. 21-24: in Milwaukee

Sept. 25-28: in St. Louis

Sept. 29-Oct. 1: Cincinnati (AT WRIGLEY)

Source MLB.COM. The schedule is subject to change,