Michael Jordan is called a liar by a Chicago Bulls writer.

It's funny, I enjoy documentaries but I don't want to know the deep dark secrets about musicians and athletes. What they do during their spare time isn't my business. Especially, if they're not hurting themselves or someone else.

I'm a huge fan of Walter Payton from the Chicago Bears. An author wrote a book about him and filled it with a bunch of dirt. That just pissed me off. There was only one reason for him to do that and it's called money. That's just not cool.

Chicago Bulls legend, Michael Jordan, is back in the spotlight because of The Last Dance. I thought it was great. The movie provided good insight without digging up the dirt. Of course, it didn't have to because plenty of other people will.

Sam Smith is an author. He currently works for the Chicago Bulls to write stories for their website. He's best known for his book, "Jordan Rules." Another one of those releases I could do without.

Well, now Smith is calling out Michael.

According to usatoday.com,

"Smith said that Jordan lied or made up several things that ended up in the series. The Last Dance was more like a show “based on a true story” than it was an accurate examination of history."

I learned a long time ago that a story has three sides. Each party has its own opinion and then there's the correct one.

I take a lot of things with a grain of salt. If you take a closer look, many times these Hollywood type programs will take liberties with the storyline. It's been happening for years.

I guess, unless it's a huge blatant lie, I'm good. It's for entertainment. It's a documentary about a basketball player and his team. I don't think there's a need to take it so seriously.

Jordan is the GOAT, he doesn't have to defend his playing career.


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