Saggy Pants are now allowed in this Chicago suburb after previously being banned.

A few years ago, a new fashion trend started for young people that made adults angry.

It was saggy pants that exposed a person's boxer shorts.

People were outraged.

Some towns were so against it, they made laws to banned them. If you were caught wearing them, you could receive a fine.

Hillside, a suburb of Chicago, has changed their mind on the pants rule.

According to,

"A Chicago suburb voted to repeal a ban they had on saggy pants at a village meeting Monday evening."

Here's what the law stated.

"Ordinance 1307, passed in April 2013, called for pants worn by anyone in public to be size appropriate and secured at the waist to prevent the pants from falling more than three inches below the hips."

The police really never pushed the regulation, so the chief of police suggested to repeal it. He believes it's unconstitutional. Also, with today's standards, the chief thinks you would be out of your mind to enforce it.

Several schools in the area have a no underwear showing policy, which helps curb the fashion problem.


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