Chase Bryant has released a music video for his song "Little Bit of You."

The video begins with Bryant opening his guitar case in the middle of a desert as images of a pretty young woman flash on and off the screen. It soon becomes clear, as viewers watch Bryant on stage, see him texting the woman and get flashbacks to tender shared moments between the pair, that the clip is all about Bryant missing his girl while he's out on the road. It's a perfect accompaniment to the song, which features lyrics such as "I could use a little bit of your sweet kiss / Your lips on a night like this / I don't wanna be lonely with the stars all out / Need you here to help me or I might lose count / I could use a little bit of you right now."

Happily, the two lovebirds end the clip together: Bryant walks offstage, with his guitar still in tow, and right into the arms of the girl who's got his heart.

The uptempo song, written by Bryant, Derek George and Ashley Gorley, is featured on Bryant’s self-titled debut EP, which was released last year. "Little Bit of You" and the rest of Bryant’s EP are available for download on iTunes.

More information about Bryant, including tour dates, can be found on his website.

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