Talk about getting rattled all over again!

Just weeks after a 4.4 magnitude hit the Southern California area earlier this month, a stronger 5.1 magnitude earthquake ratted Los Angeles last night and some celebrities -- including Lucy Hale and Ariana Grande -- took to Twitter to express their shock.


'Pretty Little Liars' star Lucy Hale took the time to express a little humor about the situation.


Ariana Grande seemed to want to recreate the experience as best as possible for her Twitter followers.


'GLEE' star Chord Overstreet also felt the need to tell everyone what was going on... did Mandy Moore.


Overstreet's 'GLEE' co-star Amber Riley was perfectly content with not experiencing the quake.


Actress Camilla Belle (and former girlfriend to Joe Jonas) seemed slightly rattled by what took place.


And finally, 'Little Miss Sunshine' actress Abigail Breslin refused to contribute to the Twitter conversation. Well, sort of.

After the earthquake, almost two dozen light aftershocks were recorded in the area as well. While some damage was reported, so far authorities have not received any major injury reports related to the quake.

We're glad our favorite stars are doing fine after what was surely a frightening scare!