You have cat to be kitten me right meow; this is the most purrrdiculous story you're going to hear all week.

A missing cat has sparked a cat fight between two families in Bloomington, Illinois, after it was found living a few doors down from it's original owner two and a half years later.

According to WGN, Joey, an 8-year-old Himalayan, who is microchipped, was listed on a microchip location website by Nicole Milone in September 2013. Then in April of this year, she was in her backyard and noticed a cat sitting in her neighbors, the Godke's, garden; and she was paw-sitive it was Joey.

When Milone tried to get Joey back, the Godke's gave her some major cat-itude and refused; claiming the cat showed signs of neglect and for months Joey refused to leave their home.

So, who's in the wrong here? Should the Godke's retract their claws and give Joey back or should they be allowed to keep him?