Carrie Underwood has found her path...right to the New York Times bestseller list with her lifestyle book, Find Your Path.

Underwood's first book has become an instant bestseller. Find Your Path also entered the highly competitive "Advice, How-To & Miscellaneous" list, where it landed in second place. In addition to becoming.a bestseller, Find Your Path also reached the top position on Amazon during its first week of release. It currently sits at No. 3 on Amazon’s “most sold” nonfiction chart.

To promote Find Your Path, Underwood embarked on a sold-out promotion tour. The "Before He Cheats" singer also appeared on several television programs to promote her book. One such appearance was when Underwood appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, where Fallon and Underwood competed in a competition dubbed the "Fittest of the Fit Challenge."

Underwood also appeared on the Rachel Ray Show on March 9, where she cooked with the renowned television chef. While there, Underwood revealed the one thing that she will not cook for her husband, Mike Fisher. Fans familiar with her diet will not find it too hard to guess: "I'm not a good meat cooker because I'm not a meat eater, so I will do all the veggies and all the sides. And if he wants meant, he 'gon have to make that himself," she related.

Find Your Path focuses on Underwood's journey towards optimal health. "Health and fitness are something I am truly, deeply passionate about," said Underwood in a statement. The book encourages readers to not be perfect; rather for them to do their best.

Underwood launched her own fitness app, fit52, on the eve of the publication of Find Your Path. The app is currently available to download on iOS platforms.

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