Carrie Underwood is the beautiful new face of Almay makeup, and in the newest ad, she's dishing on her "guilt-free pleasure" from the line.

In the commercial, she's truly epitomizing the all-American girl, frosting a pink cake in a striped blue dress. She calls the line's newest Smart Shade Butter Kiss lipsticks her "guilt-free pleasure," telling fans they've "gotta try it."

“I got the pleasure of getting a sneak peek of them way before anybody else,” the singer tells People. “I love that the names aren’t anything crazy, just things like ‘light berry,’ so even I can’t mess up!”

Underwood also looks fresh-faced and beautiful, but she has one beauty icon that she looks to for inspiration. She admires Reese Witherspoon's natural beauty.

“I’ve always loved Reese Witherspoon," she says. "She kind of seems like a normal person in general. Any time I’ve ever talked to her, she’s just super sweet. She just looks kind of like that all-American girl, you know?”

Now that Underwood's schedule is about to get even more jam-packed, with a baby on the way, she's trying to get her beauty routine "quick and effortless." One way she's done that is by befriending the round brush.

“I’ve become friends with the round brush so I can style my hair as I blow it dry instead of blowing it dry then trying to curl it, which takes up a large portion of my time. I still want to feel good about myself even as I’m just bopping around the house taking care of baby, but I wanted to try some new things that might make my life a little bit more simple!”

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