There is now a children and family version of Cards Against Humanity.

My wife and I aren't really into playing games. When our daughter was younger we would play things like Candyland with her. Now, besides an odd ball game of Monopoly with the family on a holiday, it really doesn't happen. We will go to parties once in a while but will sit out the game portion of the evening.

Then a couple of years ago at a friend's get together, they talked us into participating. We actually found a game we enjoyed. It was Cards Against Humanity. We had a blast playing. I think it's because it's so edgy.

Our daughter still really likes playing games. She plays with her friends all the time. Unfortunately, it would be a little bit too awkward of a situation for a teenager to participate in Cards Against Humanity with her parents.

We wished there was more of a family-friendly version for us. Well, now there is.

According to,

"Cards Against Humanity taps into risqué and immature humor for adults, but most prompts aren’t something you’d want your child repeating at the next play date. Kids Against Maturity offers an age-appropriate solution without losing that same sense of humor with toilet humor and innuendos that can be enjoyed by any age."

I definitely plan on ordering this one. Something fun to do with the whole family and away from the devices for a little while.

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