This is funny. I came across this quiz last night.

I was curious to see if this quiz could really guess who I was in 20 questions.

Here was it's results about me:

1. You are female.
2. You are currently in your twenties, you are single, dating at nights and balancing a promising career during the day.
3. You are smart, calculated, funny and imaginative.
4. You have black hair, dark eyes a cute nose.
5. You own a pet.

Well it got a few things right.

1. I am a female.

2. I do have a pet. (Millie my cat.)

3. I have a promising career.

However, it was wrong in several areas:

I'm not in my 20's. Does feeling like I'm in my 20's count?

I'm not dating.

I don't have black hair, dark eyes, and as for my nose. To me it's just a nose. I think I have prettier eyes than a nose.

Take the quiz and see if it can guess who your are!


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