Can having a Cell Phone actually affect a student's grades?

According to a study done by Kent University they can,especially college students.

Kent State University researchers Andrew Lepp and Jacob Barkley concluded after a survey of phone use frequency involving 500 students.

Lepp and Barkley learned that average use was five hours daily. But what they discovered over the course of six months was really eye-popping.

Barkley said, "Our low cell phone users have an average GPA of about 3.2 on a 4.0 scale, and our high cell phone users had an average GPA of 2.8."

Another apparent drawback: students who spent excessive time on their phones also reported more anxiety and stress than those who weren't as hooked on their gadgets.

Lepp added, "Increasingly, we're going to learn that this is important for mental health, not just with college students but with everybody."