Cam kicked off 2016 by joining Brad Paisley on his Crushin' It World Tour, and the rising country star admits that performing in the large arenas that a star such as Paisley fills came with quite the learning curve.

"It’s a lot to learn, as a performer, how to all of a sudden reach that many people," Cam admits to The Boot and other reporters. "It’s an interesting growing pain, for a second, but obviously not a bad one to have. It’s really enjoyable."

While having large crowds excited to see you sing is a good thing, Cam admits that she will always have a fondness for smaller, more intimate venues.

"The night following the last night with Brad, we went to Ames, Iowa, and we played at Iowa State, in this super-tiny club called the M-Shop. There were 150, 200 people crammed in this tiny club, and all close enough for me to touch, in a really small spot. Literally, they knew every word to every song on the album -- even songs that aren’t on the album, that are just on YouTube from five years ago," Cam recalls. "I was thinking to myself, ‘Back to the old, small venue. I’m going to be disappointed.’ And it was the coolest night of my life so far. And I told all of them, multiple times, that it was the coolest night of my life so far.

"So I think the size of the venue doesn’t necessarily mean what kind of experience you’re going to have," she continues. "I think the coolest thing is that [Untamed] is out, and people who relate to it or relate to me ... One girl was like, ‘You are to me now what Taylor Swift was to me at 15.’ And that meant a lot to me. What I’m writing about in my life, they’re having the same experiences, and everyone wants a hug. We’re all living the same thing."

Cam will return to larger venues this summer, when she and fellow opening act Randy Houser join Dierks Bentley on his Somewhere on a Beach Tour.

"I feel like it’s going to be a party, but not a raucous party. Not an overwhelming party, but a fun party," she says. "Dierks is such a good human being ... I think it’s going to be a crazy amount of fun."

A list of all of Cam's upcoming shows, including several solo dates, is available on her website.