A new problem on trains in Chicago is huge backpacks.

I've been on the "L" trains in Chicago during rush hour many times. They get very crowded.

In fact, more and more people are using public transportation in Chicago. It's because everything has gotten more expensive like vehicles, gas, insurance, and parking. Plus, traffic is terrible. Nobody wants to waste all of their time sitting in a car going nowhere.

Add to the fact, that people don't use briefcases anymore. Most of the passengers are carrying backpacks. It makes more sense. They can hold a lot more things.

Instead of holding a briefcase by your side and not taking up much room, there's a big bag coming off your back. That's become a problem.

According to chicagotribune.com,

"It’s a common scenario on a packed “L” — you found a seat, but can’t relax because a backpack big enough for a month in the wilderness is an inch from your face."

People don't realize how much room they are taking up with their bulky backpack. They tend to leave them on their back because the train floor is gross.

Unfortunately, good manners are hard to find on public transportation. The riders need constant reminders.

Some customers feel the "CTA" should make announcements for backpack courtesy like it does for other things like no smoking.

They haven't been overwhelmed by complaints just yet, but research is being done to find a good solution.


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