A successful school fundraiser idea by a Roscoe PTO allowed one lucky kid to lead his school as "principal for a day."

4th Grader Bryce Kellogg becomes 'Mr. Kellogg' as Kinnikinnick School Principal

Johnny Vincent
Johnny Vincent

We were honored to be part of a big day for a 4th grader at Kinnikinnick School in Roscoe who won the fundraiser drawing, allowing him to spend one day as the school's leader.

Johnny Vincent
Johnny Vincent

Bryce Kellogg arrived at school in a Harlem-Roscoe Firetruck with sirens blaring as classmates cheered his arrival just before 8 am on a Monday in the school's parking lot.

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Full-time Kinnikinnick School Principal Mrs. Miller immediately guided Mr. Kellogg to the school drop-off line where he opened doors for his classmates, with many saying "Good Morning Principal Kellogg" as they exited.

Johnny Vincent
Johnny Vincent

Principal-For-A-Day Leads School Announcements, Pushes 'Kellogg Kart'

Doing all the normal daily activities the regular school principal does, Bryce also led the morning announcements on the school PA, and sent out a phone alert the night before letting parents know he was starting a new school rule of wearing hats and hoodies.

Johnny Vincent
Johnny Vincent

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