I noticed, as of late, how my cat wants to go outside with me when I'm out on the patio or even pulling weeds in my flower beds.

I feel bad that Millie's only sense of freedom is sitting out on my 3 season porch.

Last night I bought a small dog tie to give Millie a break from the indoors.

Susan Tyler

This is the first cat I've ever had that I've kept strictly indoors.

A couple of reason that I've never let her out is because one, she has long hair. I didn't want to be brushing out tangles of weeds and grass from her fur. The other reason was for a while, my neighborhood was full of a lot of stray cats and I didn't want Millie tangling with them.

Now that the neighborhood has been cleared up of the stray cat issue. I thought it might be nice to let Millie come outside with me.

To be honest, I am a little apprehensive to do it.  However, I found this article that gives tips about letting your cat outdoors and in keeping them safe when doing so.

I'm going to try it tonight now that it's not raining and we'll see how it goes. It'll either be a great thing or I've wasted $5 dollars.

Have you ever done this with your cats?