In the last few years schools have become a scary place for students, teachers and even parents. With all the horrible news you hear from day to day, our children are forever looking over their shoulder hoping that nothing happens at their school. According to WIFR, authorities have just given the all clear at Galena High School. It seems that a juvenile was sending anonymous text messages to students saying that there would be a bomb there on Monday.

After careful deliberation officers were able to track down the sender of those messages. The juvenile later also admitted to sending those messages. The police have assured parents, students and teachers that they are not in any danger and classes will resume their normal schedule. The suspect is considered innocent until proven guilty.

I don't understand how someone can even joke around about something so serious. Keeping our children safe is our main priority. It's just so scary out there these days for our children and personally, I think something should be done to make sure that no one is able to get into a school with weapons or anything that can be used as one.

I am hoping the idea of metal detectors in every school actually happens sooner rather than later so we can try to avoid these situations in the future. After all, our children are there to learn and they shouldn't even have to worry about anything like this.

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