Blake Shelton teased earlier this week that he would be returning to his cowboy hat and mullet for his new song, "No Body," and he fully embraces the '90s country style in the music video for the song, out Friday (Aug. 19).

The music video takes place in a bar that seemingly transports anyone who walks into it back to the days of '90s country-western wear, starched jeans and line dancing.

This throwback magic is showcased in the beginning of the video when a man, dressed in modern clothes, suddenly dons a mullet and beard the second he walks in the door.

The video then progresses to reveal more from this idyllic '90s world, showing Shelton — looking more like he did when he debuted in country music with full mullet — performing the song onstage. In front of the stage, an enthusiastic crowd line dances along to the tune.

The set shows plenty of neon lights, and the video even features an effect that is reminiscent of the analog video quality of the 1990s. Shelton continues to perform the song and then sits down to chat with a lady before being mysteriously struck by what looks to be a watermelon in the final fame.

Shelton officially released the single on Aug. 19 as well, and with references to Brooks & Dunn's "Boot Scootin' Boogie" among other '90s tunes, it offers a nostalgic feeling that the singer enjoys.

"I get excited and feel like a kid every time we release new music," Shelton says. "This song in particular takes me back to the ‘90s when I was in high school and first moved to Nashville because it feels like what the music sounded like at that time."

"No Body" marks Shelton's first single since 2021's "Come Back as a Country Boy."

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