Here's why some of us avoid Black Friday. Like the plague. A new survey says it's the biggest contributor to holiday burnout.

More than one-third of people say they are "burnt out" on the holidays well before Christmas, and the Top 3 reasons are shopping, crowds, and long lines.

Coming in fourth was buying presents, followed by cooking, figuring out what to buy for people and...(clears throat)...constantly hearing holiday music.

We spend over 9 hours just planning for the holidays alone. We also lose an average of one hour of sleep a night on all things holiday-related this time of year, so it makes sense the survey would say a nap is the best way to curb the stress and exhaustion, along with a little "me-time", stepping away from everything for a minute, in a room by yourself, just relaxing. Listening to music that doesn't annoy you is a big stress-reliever, too.

How do you handle all the stress of planning and preparing for the holidays? Learn more about the study here and weigh in with your thoughts below.

[Via Yahoo]

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