Returning to Wisconsin, Big Boy Restaurant and museum.

Favorite Restaurants

Of course, my favorite restaurants are much different now than when I was a kid. I think it is for most people. A child is not going to pick sushi and an adult is going with fast food.

Growing up I remember asking my parents to take me out to eat at places like McDonald's for the fun chatacters, Show Biz Pizza to play video games, and Dairy Queen to enjoy ice cream.

Sometimes, they would cave but the majority of the time it was their choice. I was just a kid so I had to deal with it.

Eating On Vacation

Every summer when I was young, my family would take a road trip vacation. I always loved going on them.

I thought it was really cool that we got to eat out every night because we were on the road. It seemed like in those scenarios, the food went more in my favor.

There was one place that I particularly remember, It is a restauant called Big Boy. It seemed like they were everywhere, especially along highways.

I know there were a few close to home, but it was a place we only visited on vacation. I am not exactly sure why. I really did enjoy their burgers, fries, and shakes.


Then, it was almost like they vanished. Big Boy were no longer to be found. In fact, I thought the whole chain went out of business.

Apparently, I was wrong. There are still a few locations open. Many of them in Michigan. There have not been any in Illinois and Wisconsin for several years.

Well, that is changing because Big Boy is coming back the Germantown, Wisconsin.

Photo Of Big Boy Sign From Wisconsin Big Boy Facebook Page
Photo Of Big Boy Sign From Wisconsin Big Boy Facebook Page

Return Of Big Boy

According to,

"Big Boy is returning to Wisconsin after a 26-year absence."


"The plan is for the Germantown location to be a flagship location with a Big Boy museum, nostalgic photos, Big Boy statues ranging from 9 to 12 feet tall  and social media interactive displays where people can take a photo with a statue."


"The Big Boy outlet will serve milkshakes and the classic Big Boy burgers."

Just The Beginning

The group plans on opening up a few more locations throughout Wisconsin. Maybe, they will open one in Beloit, so it is in our area.

For more info, HERE.

Travelers Visit

People will travel hundreds of miles to eat at Portillo's. I can definitely see residents from Illinois heading up to Wisconsin for a meal at Big Boy.

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