Yesterday the internet and social media was flooded with people getting old before their time. FaceApp, The AI powered Face aging app has completely went viral because how well the AI program makes you age. I did quite a few versions of myself for the Face-App challenge. I have to say it was really fun, you could add a beard or glasses and even face tattoo's. Then this morning I went to and got some news that could be a little scary if you read into it.

So it seems that Face-App is owned by a company in Russia and with all the deep fake stuff showing up on the internet lately, someone could actually recreate a page with your face and even make a video of you talking that looks pretty convincing. Technology is awesome but there's a point where it could all get a little too realistic. FaceApp now hgas over 80 million users worldwide.


A developer named Joshua Nozzi posted on twitter saying that It immediately uploads your photos without asking, whether you chose one or not. He said as soon as he granted the app access to his photos it started listing then slowly in a row like it was a newtork delay. He put his phone into airplane mode as soon as he saw it and it just listed them all without delay but it would not let him select one because he was offline. No real evidence has been brought fourth yet that says our photos are being backed up by servers in Russia but who really knows.

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