Country Thunder weekend is here and many of you are getting ready to enjoy four days of livin' it up outdoors and taking in four days of awesome country music.
However, before you go, you need to be aware of new rule in place for 2018.

In the past, Country thunder patrons were allowed to bring in backpacks and larger purses among other items. This year, there are new restrictions in place you will want to be aware of before you head to the Country Thunder entrance.

Patrons are NO LONGER allowed to carry in:

  • backpacks
  • large purses
  • coolers

You CAN bring in:

  • up to 14” x 17” clear plastic bags
  • standard one-gallon freezer bags
  • small clutches and purses

The measures are all part of Country Thunder's new clear bag policy in the concert area for the 2018 Festival season.

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