So you didn't bother to shop on Thanksgiving and actually spent the holiday with your family? So you think you missed out on all the best holiday shopping bargains? Don't fear, the best Holiday shopping is still to come!

According to shopping blogger Kyle James, if you still have a lot of shopping to do, you are in luck -- the best days to do so are still to come.

He says if you are buying toys for your kids, your best bet is to wait until Dec. 16.

"The last few years we have really noticed great price drops and coupons being released on that date"

If you missed out on those Black Friday "no name" big screen TV bargain televisions wait until  Dec. 12-14. The name brand TV's go on sale.

Here are some important dates for the best sales:

  • Dec 10: Exercise and Fitness Equipment
  • Dec 14-17: PS4 & Xbox One Systems
  • Dec 15: Laptops and Computers
  • Dec 16: Christmas Toys
  • Dec 16: Tools and Hardware
  • Dec 18: winter apparel, clothing, shoes or accessories. Most offer free shipping day online
  • Dec 18: Kitchen Equipment

You can check out Jame's Blog HERE