Is a romantic getaway just what the doctor ordered for Valentine's Day this year? These three Wisconsin resorts are more than ready to deliver.

How Do You Celebrate Valentine's Day?

Are you a Valentine's person?

Do you make big elaborate plans and buy expensive gifts for you partner to celebrate Valentine's Day?


Are you the person who might buy a card and a heart-shaped pizza to eat with your partner on Valentine's Day?

(For the record, I am 100 percent the heart-shaped pizza kind of Valentine.)


My husband and I agreed many years ago to stop spending money on each other for Valentine's Day and to spend it on small gifts for our kids instead, but I think going on a romantic getaway is a worthy exception to the rule.

Most Romantic Resorts in Wisconsin

Illinois certainly has many fine resorts to choose from for couples in need of a getaway, but sometimes traveling North of the border makes the trip feel even sweeter.

I recently found an article from The Knot that listed several ideas for romantic getaways in Wisconsin, but these three resorts really caught my eye...

The Osthoff Resort - Elkhart Lake, WI

The Osthoff Resort features elegant suites and lakeside villas that provide the perfect setting for a romantic retreat. Couples can unwind with spa treatments at Aspira Spa,, explore the scenic surroundings with a lakeside stroll, indulge in gourmet dining at Lola's on the Lake, and there's even live entertainment and a Kids' Club if you have to bring the littles with you.

The Landing Resort - Egg Harbor, WI

The Landing Resort via Facebook
The Landing Resort via Facebook

The Landing Resort in Egg Harbor offers couples a secluded and picturesque retreat. Each of the suites have private balconies to take in the views, (some suites have fireplaces too), and it is located very close to the charming shops, bars, restaurants, and entertainment of Door County.

Maxwell Mansion - Lake Geneva, WI

Maxwell Mansion - Lake Geneva via Facebook
Maxwell Mansion - Lake Geneva via Facebook

Located closer to home, the historic Maxwell Mansion in Lake Geneva is perfect for couples who crave a blend of elegance and romance. The resort has outdoor igloos to enjoy a meal and drinks in, plenty of gorgeous scenery, and there's an awesome Speakeasy bar in it that you need a password to get into!

Now we just have to decide which resort to book at stay at first!

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