Grocery shopping can be the pits sometimes, but if there's great music overhead it can the best. It's background music survey time.

All it takes is one good song to turn a stressful shopping trip into an in-store concert in the produce section, at least that happened to me last night at Woodman's.

I was doing the pitiful grocery store walk of shame during a second trip (in one day) to Woodman's, because I forgot that thing I wasn't supposed to forget, and the trip abruptly changed. The best song came through the overhead speakers and it was time to jam. My fellow late evening shoppers were blessed with an off-key rendition of Tracy Chapman's "Give Me One Reason."

After recounting my multiple Woodman's trips with Shannon Zimmerman and how the glorious four and a half minutes of beautiful singing, we discussed grocery store music. We're deferring this debate to you.

We'll tally the votes next week to see which grocery store satisfies your ear entertainment.

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